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Technical Presentation

We can help customers communicate their ideas and products, which can greatly assist sales or simply help to get the order completed in time.

We can help with
- Product visualisation
- Technical Sales presentation
- Animations
- Making your ideas sell

"The BIG Consultant helped us to prove our concept worked, and influence the key decision makers"
Geoff Dunn - Architect
Services used
Visualising a bigger idea and making a splash
DXF to 3D
Its very important when one of China's largest chains wants to open a first store in the UK

People need to be kept in the loop, and making changes to buildings is possibly more expensive that products.

Luckly for us, we met with a creative and tallented architect, who wanted to utilise our creativity and 3D CAD to visualise the space that he was desigining. Using our CAD systems, we could even simulate the lighting, and we were amazed with the results.
The main thing is approval and communication
Animation &
Photorealistic Rendering
From intial concept sketches 3D CAD models were quickly generated for several suitable design solutions for Design Review with the client.
We build up models from 2D to 3D by importing AutoCAD layers from architectural drawing. We have developed a very economical way to import customer drawings which makes 3D work and 3D printing fast and well worth considering
Website build / website video
Presentation PDF
When we recieved the photos of the store opening, we were amazed. The builders must have used samples from the 3D CAD models we had rendered, and even custom furniture that we had put into the model was exactly replicated.

These images and video's are output from our 3D CAD system, and are very reasonable cost when combined with the other services as we re-use the data!

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The 3D model (right) and the architect (above). Notice the pouffe's are also as per our 3D CAD design!
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Models were also used to ensure fit and function in the design also, as measuring is easy in 3D!