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3D Printing

We have our own high resolution rapid prototyping machine 
- Prints to 50 microns x, y & z
- inexpensive prototyping
- import from any CAD system
- very high resolution
Airplane Cowl in the office. We have created parts for aerodynamic testing!
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3D Printing comes to Rotherham and Sheffield !

We now have 3D Printing hub - click image below to view and order!
Mistakes in injection molding tooling can cost £10,000s plus create additional lead time. 

We know about 3D Printing, and we have created a service which we think it is unlikely that there is any local competitor who can beat us on quality or national competitor who can beat us on price.

We believe we have a unique capability right here in Rotherham.
Our 3D Hub
Getting ideas to market fast
Our custom built resin based SLA machine can print full layers at once.

Unlike our competitors where the process is cost effective, we pass on the low cost to you.

Our drawing rates are also low cost, and high quality. 
We printed this tiny birdcage to show just how accurate our 3D Printing machine is.

That is a 20 pence peice and there is no expensive clean-up of this model!
Below & right: an engineered component printed to a high resolution with a functioning screw thread!

An injection mold of this design could cost £20,000. Our price for this print ... less than £60!

Thread detail
Our 3D printing process is  
- Quicker to print 
- Significantly cheaper 
Up to 10 times cheaper than national competition 
- Double the resolution quality 
Our 50 micron prints are suitable for intricate and precise designs, including jewelry 

A quick 3D printed prototype can cheaply identify production errors.

Look at the detail to the right, and the scale rule really shows how fine the detail is!
“Worked tirelessly to print my items and the quality is really impressive. Very good communication and quick to respond. Great technical knowledge and great at providing tips and instructions.” - Thomas, 3Dhubs customer