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Featured project
We drew up the 3D CAD for this new concept in FireFighting. Click images for video of the FireBug in action!
Click coloured tabs to left to view more examples

Services used
We love sales !
It is very costly to manufacture prototypes, whether its a complete miniature fire engine like this, or a simple laser cut component or plastic moulding. 


Bills of Materials


Promote your ideas and services
We don't want you to waste time or money making sales, when an technical illustration tells a thousand words. Please hover and click on the coloured tabs above to see examples, from simple parts, to whole systems, suitable for Design Approval, Sales, Trade Shows, or simply just a complete set of high quality engineering drawings, without lifting a finger. 
Getting ideas to market fast
Products drawn in 3D CAD (below) can be quickly utilised to create  engineering drawings  with accurate Bills of Materials (right), Cut Lists and we output to any known file-type including Autocad DXF, DWG and STEP / IGES
The video above shows the working prototype model of which can be seen the 3D CAD model used in the beginning of the video.
Ok, I could not resist showing the van model again. Here you can see how we assisted approval for a rail company to signoff a crew support van
... these models are complex, but CAD can and should be applied to individual parts, assemblies and smaller products shown here