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How to sell a product
We use the latest 2D & 3D CAD to assist sales of new products. Click images or coloured tabs for more information.
Prototype Model
Assisting sales of new ideas and products since 1999!
SolidWorks Drawing
We now have SLA 3D Printing!
What is The BIG Consultant ?
Print your CAD models or ask us to draw and print them for you!
We take delight in producing eye-watering engineering drawings, of any complexity, that our customers tell us assist them greatly to access new markets, increasing sales, and to present their ideas in the best possible light.
Our Machine!
Our 3D Hub
Services, services, services!
Your time is money, and we aim to eliminate deliberation and impress your customers. Since 1999 we have been known for the latest in 3D CAD / CAM, 3D printing, video, FEA and presentation, training and engineering design/drawing. 
Simulation & Calculation
Technical presentation
Concept development
Design engineering
We can take your concept from skeched drawing to fully realised CAD models so that you can commuicate your design intent or CNC
High quality engineering drawings eliminate error, and we can calculate, amongst other things, sheet metal flat patterns or Bills of Materials
Help is available to present new ideas and services. No need for expensive prototypes or meetings. We can animate or even 3D print your propsal
Mechanical engineering. FEA analysis provides important proof and optimisation that has facilitated larger contacts for many of our customers